The Wanderer approached with his question firmly in mind.

In the water far below, among the deepest roots of the world tree, the severed head of his most trusted counsel rested, half in dream, listening.

Odin’s ravening thoughts had soared across the entire world every day, seeing all, hearing all. Possessing all the information that could be obtained, still he had no answer to his question.

So, the spear shaker laid his spear aside, placed his hands on the edge of the stone wellhead, and asked for the wisdom of memory.

From below, a familiar voice assented… but a sacrifice would be required.

The ancient head of Mimir, the dismembered Rememberer, spoke: “For the vision you request, vision must be given. Cut the right eye from your head, and cast it into my waters. Only then may you drink of my wisdom.”

The Head of Mimir

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